Thursday, November 05, 2015

Introduction of a UHP series of inductors/transformers

Hello Folks,

I'm really happy to announce a premium series of mirror-imaged twin coil, noise cancelling, and symmetric low capacitance designs. These will be available as an option in many of our plate chokes, grid chokes, input transformers, etc.

These ultra high performance designs have been carefully engineered and evaluated over a lengthy development time-frame. We have gained enough experience in building these to be able to offer them as enhancements to our already heralded audio inductors and transformers. These are much more labor intensive to build and hence the pricing will reflect the increased costs.

These UHP designs are strictly proprietary, and are exclusive to MagneQuest. I will not provide in-depth technical treatises on our proprietary developments. Where possible I will endeavor to spell out what the performance advantages are in specific applications.

Many of the major concepts incorporated into this new series have been demonstrated in prior OEM work that we've done for Wavelength Audio as well as some of the craft techniques developed for use in our very special Mexico series B7 input transformers. We recently built some OEM power supply filter chokes for Serious Audio (to their electrical specs) that embody several of the key concepts described above.

Our first offerings will be for our B7 10K:10k input transformers. All electrical specs such as impedances and power levels remain as previously published.

We have some top shelf Penny & Giles RF-15 potentiometers avaiable for purchasers of our input transformer listed above.

Next up will be some of our plate chokes\grid chokes.


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