Sunday, January 03, 2016

NOS Valves' VRD Amplifier with MagneQuest iron!

Craig Ostby at NOS Valves dropped us a line to let us know he used some of our transformers in a VRD Amplifier he built for a customer and they were over the moon with the quality sound!

Craig himself said, "The HF response was so much better I could cut the feedback smoothing cap value in half without any nastiness with square wave performance. This is saying allot since the stock transformer is no slouch! More importantly to my ears this was a really nice improvement across the board."

After a couple days of listening, his customer had the following to say to Craig, who kindly shared with us! "The amps are like a religious experience man. Clear, clean, and flowing music. From top to bottom, sound is more even handed, more dimensional, and just plain sounds good. The stock transformers were somewhat rougher sounding and a bit tipped up or hot in the presence regions. I didn't really notice that until I heard these! Such important musical improvements these make. I am hearing the most realistic displays of depth I have ever heard out of 2 speakers. Absolutely fantastic. You done good, no doubt about it. Tell Mr. MagneQuest his transformers are fukin musical instruments."

Check out his setup:

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