Thursday, April 07, 2016

Super Rare Wavelength AUDIO SOLE 845 /300B 25w tube amplifiers

Here is an incredible pair of wavelength audio 25w 845/300B amplifiers with insanely huge custom wound transformers by Magnequest (peerless) in excellent condition.
These amps are Important not only because they were the esteemed Gordon's Rankins first SET amplifiers but also the first sold at Don Garbers now famous FI on watt st. In NYC. As far as I know Gordon only produced one pair of these as they were incredibly expensive to make. The amps originally sold for around 20k at FI in the early 90s and in my talk with Gordon he estimated they would be worth and sell for well over 30k new in 2015. These have silver kimber Kable throughout and all parts are of the absolute highest quality. Tubes are 845, Dual 5R4 rectifiers per chassis, 300B driver and 6SL7 input tube. These are not only a piece of history they are probably the greatest 845 amps ever made. The amps weigh around 75lbs each because of the absolutely massive Magnequest transformers local pick up or deliver within 150 miles is preferred but I will also ship fully insured. I have these for sale in other places so they may be taken down at any time.

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