Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Limited Edition Peerless TFA-2004 Mexico with Nickel Pinstripes

3K parafeed single ended primary. 4, 8, and 16 ohm secondaries. MOL of >8 watts @ 30hz. All teflon insulation on the inside. All silver bearing solder connections. Color coded mil spec teflon lead wires. Elevated solid brass bell ends (other choices of bell ends available). All brass hardware. Triple high gloss clear coat polyurethane finish.

Three pairs available. Each is different. Have M6/Ni pinstripe, M4/Ni pinstripe

and the third pair is especially unique and was very difficult to build. This third pair uses four different laminations-- hence quad mu--- M6, M4, M3 and nickel. The higher perm materials are stacked toward the middle and are mirror imaged in pairs.

These are available for sale... and in time to slide right under your Christmas tree.

Prices starting at $400 a pair. Please send inquiries to acrosound@aol.com.


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